CINEMA TAIWANAIS: deux conférences

par Monique Abud · 22 septembre 2023

Le CECMC organise deux conférences sur le cinéma taïwanais, données par deux chercheurs invités, Emily Yueh-yu YEH et Darrell William DAVIS (Lingnan University, Hong Kong). La discussion sera conduite par Anne Kerlan (CNRS, CCJ-CECMC).

1) Film by Film Reflections on Canons, Curation, and Scholarship

Taiwan cinema has a secure place in film festivals, auteur criticism, and theory. Taiwan directors are well known globally, and this opens avenues for scholars to introduce relatively neglected, marginalised or overlooked films. This was a key motivation in publishing 32 New Takes on Taiwan Cinema (University of Michigan Press, 2022): to expose new films, new directors and new topics in the shaping of Taiwan film culture. We identified and defended criteria for inclusion in this book, such as a film’s reputation in and outside Taiwan; a film’s place in a director’s oeuvre; a film’s importance to the industry. Above all, we hope this edited volume would expand canon of Taiwan cinema to include new, alternative candidates and would change the appearance and substance of this cinematic treasury.

  • Intervenante : Emilie Yueh-yu Yeh, Lam Wong Yiu Wah Chair Professor of Visual Studies and Director of Film and Creative Industries, Lingnan University, Hong Kong. 
  • Discutante : Anne Kerlan (CNRS, CCJ-CECMC)

2) Uses of Puppets: Receptacles of Agency

Using the puppetry conceit Darrell W. Davis will discuss the issue of artists in wartime, centering on East Asian talent, agency, and culpability:

Hou Hsiao-hsien’s 1993 film The Puppetmaster introduces issues of causality, determinism, and narrative fate with its “cosmic” employments of Li Tianlu, a transcendent yet matter-of-fact artist in tune with otherworldly forces.

Li Xianglan’s early musical talent was put to work on behalf of Greater East Asia Film Sphere, via Man’ei, the Manchurian Film Association. Manchukuo was called a puppet state; Li Xianglan (Yamaguchi Yoshiko or Ri Koran) can be heard as puppet singer who literally vocalizes a pan-Asian co-prosperity uniting different and sometimes dissonant forces.

  • Intervenant : Darrell William Davis (PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison). He is Honorary Professor in the Department of Digital Arts and Creative Industries, Lingnan University, Hong Kong. His main area is East Asian cinema and media industries.
  • Discutante : Anne Kerlan (CNRS, CCJ-CECMC)

Des extraits de films seront projetés au cours de la séance.

Date et horaire: Jeudi 12 octobre 2023 – 14:00 – 17:00

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